Wellness at the Workplace

Research has shown that focusing on workplace health and wellness initiatives has positive results on both organizations and employees. Today the stress level at the workplace has gone up very high. Terms like stress-related illness and burnout have become a very common. Stress at work could be due to a job promotion, expectation at the workplace, loss or change of job, interpersonal relations with team members or colleagues etc. It has been found that most of the stress-related problems are preventable and it can reduce the healthcare cost by almost 90%. Many times one may not be aware of the stress, but the cumulative effect of the smaller stress can lead to a catastrophic effect. That is one of the reasons why many organizations are looking into workplace wellness programs for their employees. The Wellness Programs for workplaces are instrumental in keeping people healthy and fit, especially in office environments as the employees remain sedentary most of the day. Organizations enlist the help of occupational health and safety personnel, actively supporting programs and resources to help employees to deal with their stress and improve their productivity and effectiveness. They are implementing these health programs to reduce injuries, health care, cost and long-term disabilities. A good wellness program helps to reduce absenteeism. The program helps to reduce the health care benefits that are used by the employees and it increases loyalty and morality to the organization. Many companies try to conduct an employee interest survey and periodic health screening programs. Many companies hold healthy eating workshop programs. They also build gyms within the office building to make it convenient for employees to work out thus saving time. If they do not have a built-in gym they provide subsidized use of the gym facilities. Many organizations are creating the environment to help employees lose weight if they are on the heavier side. They conduct on-site healthcare, smoking cessation classes, exercise classes, back care programs, first aid, yoga and meditation sessions etc. They send out monthly health newsletters to keep up the motivation. They also organize periodical physical activity programs for the employees. Doctors and stress management professionals are called in to conduct workshops for the employees.