Do Restricted Calorie Diets Work For Weight Loss?

Anyone who has ever gone on a weight loss diet knows that most of them take two basic approaches. Some prohibit the consumption of entire food groups. Others do not encourage the exclusion of any food group but recommend consuming fewer calories than what the body needs daily. It all comes down to restricting calories so that the body expends more calories than what is consumed. The question stands, do restricted calorie diets work for weight loss in the long run?

How do Restricted Calorie Diets Work?

The body needs a given number of calories to support everyday activities. When you consume this amount of calories and go about your daily activities, you can maintain a constant weight. Eating more than the required daily calories results in weight loss. Therefore, consuming fewer calories than what your body needs every day will lead to weight loss. It is not guaranteed that lowering your calorie intake will outrightly result in weight loss. Other factors such as the type of food you eat and whether you are physically active or not determine weight loss ability. Sometimes, the calorie deficit only slows down weight gain if the calories burnt do not exceed what is consumed.

How to Use Restricted Calorie Diets to Lose Weight

The type of food you eat is the most important aspect of a restricted diet that determines its ability to aid in weight loss. It is not impossible to lose weight by eating small amounts of calories derived from junk food. However, you end up depriving your body of the right nutrients it needs to maintain its health. Another factor to consider is restricting just the right amount of calories. Severely reducing the calories consumed has the potential of causing health concerns. It helps to work with a nutritionist who can recommend the best foods to incorporate into your restricted diet. Including physical activity in the equation does play a significant role in sustaining weight loss. Once again, working with a fitness expert to come up with the right exercise routine to match your weight loss goals comes highly recommended. Unfortunately, most restricted calorie diets work only as short-term weight loss solutions. Adopting these diets as long-term weight loss solutions can disrupt your metabolism and lead to long-term health problems. The bottom line is that restricted calorie diets work for weight loss. Go about it the right way with the help of a nutritionist and fitness expert.