How Much Exercise Is Needed for Weight Loss?

Exercise plays a very important role in maintaining healthy body and lifestyle, but with a moderate diet and proper nutrition.


A healthy diet with regular exercise is proven effective in losing weight compared to those who depend on restricting calorie consumption. Exercise prevents people from having heart attack because having regular exercise can lower down cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, exercise can lower down the possibility of having cancer like breast and colon cancer. Exercise also in building well-being and confidence that is why the depression and anxiety rates may decrease. As we all know exercise is very well known when it comes to maintaining weight and weight loss. It also can also help to increase metabolism and maintain mass and increases a number of calories burned every day.


In order to harvest the benefit of exercise, performing some kind exercise three times a week is recommended, a minimum of twenty minutes per day is advisable.  On the other hand, if you are motivated to lose weight quickly it is better to perform an exercise more than twenty minutes. Walking for about 15 minutes every day can also burn up to 100 calories. However, the time of performing an exercise depends on the type of individual. For example, beginners will exercise less often compared to the one who exercises regularly. Another thing is the kind of workout that you will perform. If you want to build up your muscles, your workout should be focused on cardiovascular training such as swimming, jogging, walking, cycling, indoor rowing and much more.


Several types of exercise highlight different features. Balanced workout establishment includes different kinds of exercise in order prevent injury and develop physical fitness. For instance, an obese person can burn higher amount of calories by improving endurance and flexibility. That is why nay health experts recommended an individual to choose an exercise that they can enjoy and perform it in their daily routine.


Aerobic exercise is all about doing continuous movements of legs for about 20 minutes or more. Swimming, cycling, jogging, walking and rowing are all kinds of aerobic exercise. Performing this type of exercise can lose weight and increase cardiorespiratory endurance. To fully enhance the cardiorespiratory endurance, it is required to perform higher strength of aerobic exercise that last for about 30 minutes.


This type of exercise improves the force of muscle contractions, and increase power output, speed and strength.

Examples of anaerobic are sprinting, plyometrics and weightlifting. Anaerobic exercise needs fewer but more powerful muscle contractions compared to aerobic exercise.


Flexibility exercise enhances the joint and muscle movements. Different yoga position and stretching are all flexibility exercise type. It is beneficial after performing anaerobic exercise since recovery nutrients reach hungry muscles. Extended muscle tightness, bad posture, and poor recovery can shorten muscle over time. This type of exercise extends muscles to prevent successive and shortening injuries.


Stability exercise is capable of maintaining body position while defying unwanted joint and bone movements. This type of exercise includes core training, balance, and agility. It also enhances body movements by means of strengthening the muscle that coordinate and support joint articulations. REMINDER BEFORE STARTING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM Before starting an exercise program, make sure to consult the doctor first. Especially when you are suffering from:
  • Diabetes,
  • Arthritis,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease.
Always push yourself to improve your fitness level, but do not push too hard because it can cause injury. However, when you started to feel shortness of breath or pain it is recommended to stop doing the exercise.