Health and Wellness Tips While Working at Any Outdoor Job

Health and Wellness is important because it increases our longevity. It also produces a sound mind and body. Working outdoors is tedious and dangerous. This article draws upon personal experience to provide health and wellness tips for those currently working at any outdoor job. These tips are disclosed in no specific order, but they are important. The first item on this list is sunscreen. Sunscreen not only protects anyone from getting sunburn, but it provides protection from the sun’s deadly Ultraviolet Rays. From first hand experience, use 50 SPF or higher. The higher the number will provide the best protection from the sun. The next tip will be dressing for cold weather. When dressing for cold weather, dress in layers. When it is freezing outside additional layers will protect you, and can be removed should you be moving around a lot. However, be on the safe side and dress in layers because it can be cold regardless whether anyone is moving around or not. Working in the heat can be just as hazardous as working in the cold. For hot weather, wear light colored clothing. Wearing light colored clothing reflects the sun’s rays whereas dark colors absorb them. From first hand experience, the colors that work best are white, light brown, light blue, light green, etc. The important aspect of light colored clothing is that they can keep anyone cool on a hot day. Besides wearing appropriate clothing, wear a good pair of sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can protect the eyes from the brightness of the sun. First, make sure that the pair is durable. Some pairs can break easily; so make sure that they fit properly. Also, tighten the screws from time to time. The screws can get lose cause the sunglasses to break. Next, make sure the lenses are dark enough to protect the eyes. A good rule of thumb is to put them on and look in the mirror. If the eyes are not seen, then the pair of sunglasses should protect the eyes. Along with sunglasses, anyone should wear earplugs and/or earmuffs if they are working in loud areas. Earplugs and/or earmuffs can protect the ears while working with loud machinery such as a jackhammer. Earplugs that work best are the foam pair and earmuffs. Some foam pair is disposable and reusable. The best aspect about the foam hearing protection is that they can be discarded or reused. Foam hearing protection can be bought anywhere and is inexpensive. Earmuffs also work well to reduce outdoor noise. Earmuffs work well as long as they are cleaned out daily. Earmuffs protect the whole ear as well as the eardrum itself. Remember; hearing loss is permanent, so wear earplugs and/or earmuffs. The next tip is proper footwear. Wearing proper footwear not only protects the feet, but it provides strong ankle support as well. The footwear that works best is a pair that has a sturdy sole and in is good repair. The sole should have a non-slip quality to it as well. In other words, the sole must grip firmly to the ground to prevent slips and falls. Here are some other strategies that can prevent slips and falls as well. These are walk; do not run. Also, be aware of current surroundings. These simple tips can prevent any type of slip or fall that can put anyone out of work for a long time. The next set of strategies should help anyone when they are lifting and lowering. For lifting and lowering, it is recommended that anyone who does this type of work should utilize their legs and not their back. The legs have the strongest muscles in the body and can survive more wear and tear than the back. But at any rate, use a back brace for support. No matter how much anyone uses their legs, a back brace provides extra support. The last wellness tip is drinking fluids. The first thing anyone should do is avoid drinking caffeine. Caffeine gives a quick boost of energy, but anyone who drinks large quantities of caffeine will suffer from dehydration. Make life simple and limit the amount of caffeine consumed per day. Instead, drink water for the majority of the day. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Water is the best way to hydrate the body. Keep life simple and drink water for the majority of the time while working outside. Finally, these tips should provide a helpful insight for wellness at any outdoor job. Wellness does not pertain to one individual; it involves everyone that works outdoors. In other words, if anyone working outdoors should take these tips into account because they can protect themselves from being injured on the job. Health and Wellness is accomplished by all that participate.