Best Foods for Health and Weight Loss

In our society, where obesity has become a crisis and the lifespan of our children for the first time in history is lower than their elders, the most difficult question we all face is what foods are good to eat for health, wellness, and weight loss? There are countless food products, diet pills and companies promising the secret to health and weight loss. But the truth is many of those companies are profit-driven with no concern for the consumer’s health or well-being. There is a saying….. If you could have hunted for it, fished for it, plucked it or gathered it, it belongs on your table. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, lean proteins, nuts seeds… these are all great healthy foods — made by the Earth itself — and here for your daily consumption! It is only since the industrial revolution that the processing and mass production of food has developed. The obesity crisis correlates to the start of this practice. The best way to know if your food is processed is to read the ingredients of a food; if you don’t understand them — don’t eat it! Why would you eat something when you don’t know what it is? Because it is in a nice package all pretty ready to purchase at the store? Cigarettes are also in nice little packages, ready for you to purchase at the store — AVAILABILITY does not mean it is good for you!!! Trust yourself, and your instincts, when making food selections and be creative. Have fun! If you don’t enjoy what you are eating and what you are doing, your success will be short-lived. Creativity is crucial, as it will lead to diversity in your food selection, prevent boredom and increase your overall enthusiasm about your new dietary changes! Here is one of my favorite creative ways to eat fresh raw cabbage! It is actually surprisingly tasty and extraordinarily healthy! Don’t be afraid! Try it! You may be surprised! Fruity Yummy Cole Slaw Salad 1/2 bag Dole traditional Cole Slaw salad mix 1 Low Fat Stony Field Farms Vanilla Yogurt 1/2 Apple cored and chopped into small bite size pieces 1/2 Cup Raw Nut/Raisin mix – unsalted 2 TBS Ground Cinnamon Mix all ingredients in a bowl and YUMMY! You are eating cabbage!!! Make two of these salads in a week and do you know how much cabbage you have consumed??? Remember: I am here if you want to talk! Post a comment! Stay Focused Until the Miracle Happens! To your Success and Health